TCG's staff has extensive investigative experience.  This includes reviewing information, preparing a self-report, assisting the institution through the NCAA adjudication process, and appearing before the Committee on Infractions.  While the vast majority of TCG's investigative efforts on behalf of its clients have involved NCAA legislation, TCG  has done extensive work with two-year and interscholastic institutions, conferences, and state associations.
​​​​TCG has been retained by numerous institutions and several Division I conferences to conduct these compliance reviews. Current Division I conference clients include the Big 12 Conference and Atlantic Coast Conferences.  TCG also is a vendor to the NCAA in the Blueprint Compliance Review Program.​​​
TCG has been retained by several institutions to provide a more "drilled down" review or audit of certain NCAA compliance areas.  These reviews are more focused and include auditing of certain materials. 
TCG has assisted in the completion of strategic plans for approximately 12 Division I and II conferences and a few individual institutions. 
TCG has developed a program to ease the impact on compliance offices concerning the possible ramifications of the recent Supreme Court ruling.   This program includes the areas of education, monitoring, and procedures.