NCAA General & Specialized Compliance Reviews

General Compliance Reviews ​​

TCG will review the institution’s current compliance program and develop a specific list of recommendations. This evaluation is based upon lengthy interviews with both athletics (coaches, student-athletes, athletics department staff members, etc.) and non-athletics (Registrar, financial aid officer, bursar, admissions officer, etc.) staff.

Compliance areas such as recruiting, eligibility certification, booster groups, complimentary admissions, financial aid, reporting lines, etc. are reviewed. The specific areas are determined by the institution. 

Specialized Compliance Reviews

Specialized compliance reviews are in-depth reviews of selected areas of an institution's compliance program.  Many institutions undertake routine department-wide compliance reviews utilizing conference, institutional, or state auditors or compliance personnel. These audits frequently are general in nature and review all aspects of the athletics program.  However, more detailed compliance audits often are needed in order to determine the extent of an institution's compliance efforts in a certain area or whether violations may be occurring.

The following are possible specialized reviews provided by TCG:

  • Academic Fraud
  • Non-Scholastic/Pre-College Expenses
  • Booster Groups
  • Rules Education

  • Camps and Clinics
  • Eligibility Certification
  • Recruiting
  • International Recruiting